Exercise and Blood Sugar Control

Here’s a meta-analysis that looked at the effect of exercise and blood sugar control in diabetics (Neil J. Snowling, MSC and Will G. Hopkins, PHD. Effects of Different Modes of Exercise Training on Glucose Control and Risk Factors for Complications in Type 2 Diabetic Patients: A meta-analysis. (PDF) Diabetes Care 2006 Nov; 29(11): 2518-2527.) which concluded:

Differences among the effects of aerobic, resistance, and combined training on HbA1c (A1C) were trivial; for training lasting ≥12 weeks, the overall effect was a small beneficial reduction (A1C 0.8 ± 0.3% [mean ± 90% confidence limit]).

There were generally small to moderate benefits for other measures of glucose control.

For other risk factors, there were either small benefits or effects were trivial or unclear, although combined training was generally superior to aerobic and resistance training.

Effects of covariates were generally trivial or unclear, but there were small additional benefits of exercise on glucose control with increased disease severity.

The Low Carb diet has a much more significant effect than exercise. But are there any studies showing the power of the Low Carb diet compared with exercise?


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