Ran in a 5K Race 2018-05-20

I never imagined two years ago – when I was 285 lbs – that I would ever be able to run in a 5K race. I’ve only been training for a week when I saw there was a local race this weekend so I thought I would enter. I figured I’d probably take around 45 minutes to run the 5K (3.1 miles) – there are some pretty decent hills in my neighborhood. I ended up finishing in 31:38 and took 2nd in my age group.

I wanted to run the 5K to “get it over with” but I’m considering getting back to the training routine Monday morning. I’d like to beat 30:00.

I easily did this fat fueled – without any carbs. Avoided the carbs at the awards ceremony, too. I did eat a few squares of pizza – tossed the crust and ate the toppings only.


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