Body Recomposition Series

My Body Recomposition series is on my Low Carb Studies BLOG.

In the series I set a number of goals for my body composition and means to achieve the goals. Looking back I did really well at hitting what were very aggressive goals.

  1. Improve HbA1C number (HbA1C is a lab test which shows the Blood Sugar over the previous three months)
    Goal: < 5.6 (Below bottom of Pre-Diabetic levels)
    I achieved 5.2 which is non-diabetic.
  2. Lose weight to reach 15% Body Fat (Visualize Body Fat percentages)
    I ended up at 7.5% body fat per Bod Pod.
  3. Barring any injury, be able to do exercise throughout entire test (CrossFit)
    Submaximally is OK (<85% of max level)
    I did this goal through June 2018 but was not able to exercise at a low enough level due to the competitive nature of Crossfit.
  4. Conserve current LBM (Lose Weight but not muscle)
    Possibly add LBM?
    Bod Pod shows I did gain LBM over that period.
  5. Maintain current metabolic levels.
    The same thing as saying not to eat at a net calorie deficit.
    I think the goal was correct (my TDEE is equal to my pre-diet TDEE due to higher exercise energy expenditure). But I had to have been at a significant caloric deficit because I lost quite a bit more weight.


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