Adjusted Weight Standards

On a recent article, I posted a link to Weightlifting Standards. These standards are frankly just plain discouraging to me. And with good reason. They are based on a much younger person and their progress. Fortunately, there’s adjusted standards which take into account age, gender, and weight (Symmetric Strength – Weightlifting Standards). It also allows different rep schemes.

Here are the first three columns (the page has many more categories):

The page defines the columns.

Untrained: The lifter has not trained for strength before. The majority of the population. Strength score 30.
Novice: The lifter is stronger than the average untrained lifter of the same sex and weight. Lifters in this category have typically been training for a few months or more. Strength score 45.
Intermediate: The lifter has been consistently training, likely for at least a year. The majority of those who go to the gym regularly fall into this category. Strength score 60.

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