Apple carts are turned over. Money changers have their tables tossed. The world is changed by contrarians. I don’t always or even often agree with the contrarians but they do make me think. And sometimes they interact with you.

Low carb, in at least one sense, is all about being contrarian. Or at least it was back in the day of Dr Atkins.

There’s a particular form of contrarian that I like – those who are evidence based. Here’s a few of these contrarians.

Hormones Demystified – An Endocrinologist who is definitely a contrarian. Not too sure about Low Carb but at least gets it. He has mad respect for this crop of Engineers who are attacking medical problems. His analysis of Joseph Kraft’s database of Insulin Resistance in thousands of patients is well worth reading.

Carb Sanity – Evelyn has her story and she’s sticking to it. You are sick because you eat too much. It’s all about energy balance and any evidence to the contrary gets ignored.

Free The Animal – Richard is no fan of Jimmy Moore and many of the low carb luminaries. He thinks they are just plain wrong on eating all of that extra fat in their diet. Thinks they are missing out on eating the fat off their bodies. And he’s 100% correct. He’s currently obsessed about bitcoin but still posts on Low Carb occasionally when events warrant.

If you have more, let me know.

Author: Doug

I'm an Engineer who is also a science geek. I was pre-diabetic in 1996 and became a diabetic in 2003. I decided to figure out how to hack my diabetes and in 2016 found the ketogetic diet which reversed my diabetes.

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