Exporting Data From Cronometer

I wanted to export my data from my macros tracking program, Cronometer. How to export data is not exactly hidden but it’s not obvious either. Under Profile, Account Information, Select the gear then Export Data…


You then get the options as follows:

Select the timeframe you want to look at. You can export all data if you want. You can then export the servings, exercises, biometrics (weight if you have a linked device) or things you have entered, and any notes. The output file is a CSV which can be opened by any spreadsheet program.

I like to rename the file something like: “servings-2018-05-19.csv” since Cronometer just gives the file(s) the generic name “servings.csv”.¬†You can then open the file(s) with EXCEL or Open Office or Libre Office. Here’s what the start of my file looks like:

Have fun!


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