Overshot My Recomp Goals – Part 4

In Part 1 I reviewed the results of my Bod Pod test against my goals of Body Recomposition.

Part 2 looked at the problems with having too low a body fat.

Part 3 looked at the consequences with regard to fasting.

In this part, I ask the obvious question –

Can’t I Just Eat More?

A while back I upped my calories for a few months ramping from 2000 to 2500 and my weight loss kept up a steady drop.

I recently lowered my calories for a few weeks and the rate of drop stayed surprisingly consistent. 2500 calories just seems like so many calories and I’m not particularly hungry (probably due to Low Carb and Intermittent Fasting).

I know that our metabolic rate up-regulates and down-regulates to track the calories we consume. I know some people who have tried to gain weight and had trouble even when they ate a lot of food.

My difficulty is compounded by eating Low Carb since it’s hard to gain weight eating low carbs but I really can’t eat much more carbs without getting back into previous health issues with blood sugar.

In Part 5, I take a look at Macros (Calories) tracking and fear of fat returning.

Author: Doug

I'm an Engineer who is also a science geek. I was pre-diabetic in 1996 and became a diabetic in 2003. I decided to figure out how to hack my diabetes and in 2016 found the ketogetic diet which reversed my diabetes.

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