Overshot My Recomp Goals – Part 3

Consequences for Fasting

In Part 2, I looked at the problems with low body fat.

The first obvious consequence of being low on body fat is that I can’t do any extended fasts anymore. I really liked fasting. My longest fast was 25 days with water only. I also did four fasts of 9-10 days. And a bunch of 3-4 day fasts.

I didn’t lose a ton of weigh net from the fasts. But I did learn to not be hungry and that’s a pretty big accomplishment. I wonder if that’s part of what is happening now? Does fasting break the hunger cycles? Or is it just low carb that does that?

I probably need to evaluate doing intermittent fasts. I’ve still been eating in a window. I eat a Protein meal at 11:30, another protein meal at 3:30, do CrossFit at 5:30, then eat at 7:00 PM. That’s approximately a 16:8 fast:eat window. This gives the body time to drop glycogen stores, insulin and glucose levels.

Intermittent Fasting combined with Ketogenic (Low Carb) are a killer combination. Keto doesn’t provide insulin spikes and Intermittent Fasting lowers the Insulin level even further.

In Part 4 I take a look at Eating Strategies for gaining fat.



Author: Doug

I'm an Engineer who is also a science geek. I was pre-diabetic in 1996 and became a diabetic in 2003. I decided to figure out how to hack my diabetes and in 2016 found the ketogetic diet which reversed my diabetes.

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