Pork Rinds – A Good Keto Choice?

Pork Rinds are the skin of a pig. They are either loved or hated by most people. They can have a strong flavor but their crunch can fit a need for crunchy food in people formerly addicted to foods like chips.

Are Pork Rinds a good choice for keto? Depends on your view of what matters. As far as the primary criteria they are low carbohydrate. One nutritional label says:

They are not bad for fat (5g). The even have a good protein value. But note the note next to the protein number “Not a significant source of protein”. That doesn’t mean what it might appear to mean. It doesn’t mean that they don’t contain much protein. It means that the protein they contain isn’t a particularly great source of protein. From (Wikipedia, Pork Rind: Nutritional Value):

However, pork rinds are considered an incomplete source of protein because they contain very low amounts of some essential amino acids, including methionine, tryptophan and histidine.

So, if you care about the quality of your protein, eat Pork Rinds with care.

Added 2018-10-06

This study shows how Protein quality matters for Lean Mass preservation (Oikawa SY, McGlory C, D’Souza LK, Morgan AK, Saddler NI, Baker SK, Parise G, Phillips SM. A randomized controlled trial of the impact of protein supplementation on leg lean mass and integrated muscle protein synthesis during inactivity and energy restriction in older persons. Am J Clin Nutr. 2018 Oct 4).

Protein supplementation did not confer a benefit in protecting LLM, but only supplemental WP augmented LLM and muscle protein synthesis during recovery from inactivity and a hypoenergetic state.

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