Body Fat via Skin Fold Measurements

I borrowed a friend’s body fat calipers to measure my body fat. Measurements were:

14, 20, and 12 mm. Running the calculator gave me the following:

I am skeptical about the results. I think my numbers are higher in percent fat and fat mass (with lower lean mass) than that. My USN tape measurement number is around 25%. My scale has me at 30% body fat.

This matters because if my LBM is 161 lbs and my goal is 15% Body fat then my goal weight would be 185 lbs.


Jackson, A., & Pollock, M. (1978). Generalized equations for predicting body density of menBritish Journal of Nutrition, 40(3), 497-504. doi:10.1079/BJN19780152 (Full Text).

  • Men
    BD = 1.10938 – 0.0008267(Y) + 0.0000016(Y^2) – 0.0002574(Age)
    where Y= sum of Chest, Abdominal and Thigh skinfolds in mm
  • Women
    BD=1.0994291 – 0.0009929(Z) + 0.0000023(Z^2) – 0.0001392(Age)
    where Z = sum of Triceps, Thigh and Suprailliac skinfolds in mm.

Once body density is determined, percent bodyfat (%BF) can be calculated using the Siri equation below : % Body Fat = (495 / Body Density) – 450.


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