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IF was complicated yesterday which means I broke my fasting window a bit. Knew I was going over to visit family/friends but didn’t want to risk high carb food choices (and there were some but some LC choices as well) so I made a Tex-Mex casserole to bring along. Ate at 5 and got home after 10:30 so I had two beers at the very end and past the end of my window. Blood glucose was 125 at bedtime and I didn’t bolus.

Woke up this morning to a bit of a Blood Glucose high of 141. Not too bad at all considering my total Insulin usage yesterday was 12.1 Units down from 100 units day average before IF+LC-HF.

Didn’t do a single extra bolus yesterday and set the pump to only give out 8 units a day now.

What is the typical Insulin dosage for a T1D? That could help answer the question of how well my own pancreas is now producing Insulin and how much more it is being asked to do not that I am not taking as much Insulin.

According to this site (Calculating Insulin Dose).

The general calculation for the body’s daily insulin requirement is:

 Total Daily Insulin Requirement (in units of insulin)
= Weight in Pounds ÷ 4

So for me, that would be about 70 units of Insulin needed per day. They estimate half being for basal and half being for bolus. That means they are expecting to pump 35 units a day for basal. If you are doing LC-HF the bolus component could be ignored. Yet, I am thriving on 8 units a day and not perfect LC-HF. This implies to me that there’s nothing wrong with my pancreas it’s the overtaxing I’ve done to it over the years that made it not be able to keep up with the demand.

Going to keep a close eye on my Blood Glucose today. I don’t see it likely that it will skyrocket up but this big change downward might be a problem because it’s asking a lot more from my pancreas than it has done in years. Or maybe my pancreas has always been working fine but even added with Insulin the cell resistance has been so profound that neither of them are working all that well.

Pumping Insulin with IF

I have been pumping (using short term insulin) but only doing a basal. My pump has a syringe in it that only holds 300 units of Insulin. My Insulin usage rates have dropped from an average of 100 units a day down to less than 20 a day now. Last time I filled the syringe 5 days ago I took into account the lower Insulin usage and only filled up the pump syringe with 200 units. Problem is now the pump still has 80+ units in it. The infusion sites are supposed to be changed every 3-4 (at the most) days.

Still tastes in my mouth like I am in ketosis but not as much as some mornings. Probably the late night beers.

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