Apple Cider Vinegar

Real. Vinegar helps with Blood Sugar levels (Diabetes Care 2004 Jan; 27(1): 281-282. Vinegar Improves Insulin Sensitivity to a High-Carbohydrate Meal in Subjects With Insulin Resistance or Type 2 Diabetes. Carol S. Johnston, PHD, Cindy M. Kim, MS and Amanda J. Buller, MS).

These data indicate that vinegar can significantly improve postprandial insulin sensitivity in insulin-resistant subjects.

The type of Vinegar used was Apple Cider Vinegar. The upper curve is the control. The lower slide is on Apple Cider Vinegar.

Tried it

I tried Apple Cider Vinegar last night for the first time. Found it at my local grocery store (the nicer one, not Walmart). Also found Coconut Oil. Ate a scoop of that – interesting taste. (Added: Article on ACV).

First I tried the Apple Cider Vinegar from a tablespoon. That was rough for my first time. Then I poured a few tablespoons into a glass and drank it. Not sure that’s the best way but I actually liked the taste a bit. It is acidic (at least to the mouth and throat) but my guess is that it’s not more acidic than the stomach. Can’t say objectively that it did help my blood sugar (see below)

Coconut Oil didn’t taste as good as salted butter does. It had a weird consistency. Now that I know what it tastes like I am going to have to figure out how to consume it.

Dinner last night was eclectic. Tablespoon of Coconut oil. A pile of green olives. A cup of Macadamia Nuts. Made a bunch of Pico de Gallo and ate a couple of bowls of that. Figure about 1000 calories from the nuts (with about 95% calories from fat). Maybe 100 calories from the olives. At least a few hundred calories from the Pico de Gallo. The nuts are high in fiber so that counteracts some of the carbs (not too high anyway). The Pico de Gallo had some carbs, but not too much. And it was all veggies which I need.

I did Intermittent Fasting all day yesterday. The five lbs I had put on the day before (I attribute it to salty bacon) was all gone by the middle of the day – plus another lb. Today I was down another couple. Certainly more than 20 lbs down from a month ago.

Best news was this morning I slept in (my day off) and my Blood Sugar was 91. I have never seen a number like that when I was pumping Insulin.

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I'm an Engineer who is also a science geek. I was pre-diabetic in 1996 and became a diabetic in 2003. I decided to figure out how to hack my diabetes and in 2016 found the ketogetic diet which reversed my diabetes.

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