FASTER Again – Checking a number on Ben Greenfield’s data

Ben Greenfield was a participant in the FASTER study (Jeff S. Volek, Daniel J. Freidenreich, Catherine Saenz, Laura J. Kunces, Brent C. Creighton, Jenna M. Bartley, Patrick M. Davitt, Colleen X. Munoz, Jeffrey M. Anderson, Carl M. Maresh, Elaine C. Lee, Mark D. Schuenke, Giselle Aerni, William J. Kraemer, Stephen D. Phinney. Metabolic characteristics of keto-adapted ultra-endurance runners. Metabolism, Volume 65, Issue 3, March 2016, Pages 100-110.).

Ben’s VO2max number was 61.1. The FASTER study was supposed to be performed at 64% of VO2max. For Ben that should have been 61.1 * 0.64 = 39.1. At that rate Ben would have been using 67% fat and 37% fat as his fuel for the three hour treadmill test.

But that’s not what Ben’s actual data shows.

Ben’s VO2 numbers were 35.8-37.0. Now that’s not that much different, but in this case it’s a significant difference. At 36.5 Ben is at a much different fuel mixture (80% fat and 20% carbs).

I am not suggesting there was any cheating here but the numbers really didn’t match the words of the study.

And repeated here:

And here:

There may be a clue here:

Was Ben adjusted downward? Even if he was the adjustment should have been done based on the VO2max testing. The number should have been 39.1 not 36. Here’s Ben’s VO2max testing result.

I am concerned about this difference. I’d like to know what’s up. There’s a huge difference between 2/3 Fat to 1/3 Carb and 4/5 Fat to 1/5 Carb. Especially over three hours. Especially when you end the race with low glycogen stores.

The details matter.


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