Rowing MAF Baseline

I did a 5KM Rowing MAF baseline on my new Concept 2 Rower.

I was able to hold my heart rate quite well. Here’s the screen capture of the PM5 screen – sent from ErgData to Concept 2 logbook site and then to My Strava.

My MAF heart rate is 112-122 and I was able to stay around the 122 number pretty well except around 20:00. I don’t believe that the strap was on correctly at that point. I shifted the strap and it fixed the number. I  need to follow the instructions and wet the strap.

Concept 2 Logbook Data

There’s a phone app called ErgData which syncs up with the Concept 2 logbook. Here’s the heart rate data from the workout showing the over and drop outs. Other than the anomalies it was pretty easy to hold the heart rate.

Here’s heart rate, pace and stroke rate.

My stroke rate was decently consistent. I can see my pace fell off as time went on which is to be expected on any MAF test. I was a bit sweaty at the end. Here’s the split times:

This shows a slowdown in pace and power as time went on at the same heart rates.

The logbook lets me export to CSV all of the data. I can smooth out the bad section. Here’s what that looks like:

After I got warmed up, I stayed above 115 and below 125 bpm. I should probably aim for 117 until I get better at staying in a more narrow range.

Not a bad start and definitely my longest row ever.


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