MAF Walk with New Polar Heart Rate Monitor

I bought a rower and Polar H7 heart rate (HR) monitor. I took the H7 out on my MAF walk/run this morning. I collected data on my watch and on the heart rate monitor. Both had dropouts at points but they correlated well. I want to get to where my RPE is accurate enough that I don’t need to keep checking the watch but I do have a tendency to push it up past my MAF HR range.

Here’s the heart rate data from the H7 HR monitor.┬áThe H7 reported an average HR of 107 bpm. I think I did not have the strap high enough in the first part of the walk.

Here’s the heart rate data from the Samsung Gear Sport Watch monitor (Strava data). The watch reported an average HR of 111 bpm.

Here’s the same graph out of Samsung Health app on the phone.

The 113 bpm grid line would be the bottom of the 112-122 bpm MAF range so the HR between 20-40 minutes should be on or above that line.

Looks like my warmup was too quick and my cool down still could be better but overall it feels pretty good.


I walked to the Post Office and then up the hills. Both of the GPS data were good.


It was a lot cooler at 57 degrees this AM so my performance was better. I accidentally paused the watch a couple of times so the Strava length was more accurate and I assume the splits were more accurate as well. I am getting to where I have to run in stretches to keep up the MAF HR and the stretches keep getting longer as well.

Here’s the performance data from the watch:

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