MAF Test – Triathlete Friend

My friend, SVW, did a MAF test the other day (2018-06-27). He is 35 year old triathlete who runs regularly. His MAF┬áHeart Rate is 135-145. Here’s his Heart Rate chart.

He did a fine job of keeping his HR between 144 and 145. He did not do a 20 minute warm-up but ran to get his heart rate into the range. His mile splits were:

He did well at holding heart rate and his pace was pretty even throughout. That’s what I would expect out of a trained runner (he has been running for 5 years).

SVW is fat adapted and did keto for a year or so. He still eats keto mostly (some off and on). He does believe he needs carbs to compete in marathons.

Compared to Me?

SVW is almost twice as fast as me at my MAF heart rate. Some of this is age. Some of this is conditioning. I was walking and he was running. Some of this is motivation. Here’s my MAF test splits.

I don’t believe that SVW is interested in MAF training. He’s convinced that where he is at he needs to build his anaerobic base.


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