Muscle Protein Synthesis Meal Spacing Maximum

I asked Dr Donald Layman the following question:

My question is about the three hour PMS window. The maximum happens at 90 minutes and the return to baseline is at 180 minutes. Does that mean that the cycle can be repeated every three hours? Is there a study showing the minimum interval between PMS cycles?

He responded!

Great Q! No clear study on 2nd meal timing. IMO 3 hr is too soon Our data shows initiation factors still fully active at 180 min, so meal effect should be limited at 3 hr Initiation factors do not reset until ~5 hr However, van Loon shows night meal effect @ 2.5hr post dinner

IMO, to max meal effect, I target meals at 4 to 5 hr apart, with 3 to 4 meals per day, and 1st and 3rd meals at ~45 g to max mPS response.

I am changing my eating pattern in response to this information. I am leaving Intermittent Fasting window and I am going to eat breakfast starting today (I ate breakfast).

7 AM, 12 Noon, 7 PM (after workout or earlier if it is an “off” day).


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