MAF 5K Walk with 5K Warmup

I did Chef Joe’s Omelette Run today at my MAF  heart rate (112-122 bpm) this morning. I got to the race early to make sure I got a shirt and walked a 5K as a warmup before the 5K race. I did the race and warmup walking only (no running).

5K Warm-up for 5K Race

I did a 5K walk as my warm-up on the track.

Here were my splits in the warm-up.

Here are the statistics for the warm-up.

I did pretty good at keeping in my MAF heart rate range of 112-122.

It took about 20 minutes to get up to my MAF range. The warm-up ended about 25 minutes before the race but I kept moving after the warm-up.

The 5K Race

Here’s my heart rate during the race. I stayed in the MAF range for the most part. Because I was already warmed up I got into my MAF range in just a couple of minutes.

Here were my splits for the race (walk). My race splits were better than the best warm-up splits.

Here was the route. Not too much hills considering it is here in SW PA. I did find it challenging doing the walk with other people since I tried to keep up with the women in front of me but that made my heart rate go up over the MAF number.  When that happened I breathed deeply and held in my breath at the in breath. That seems to drop my heart rate a few points quickly.

As you can see I hit 137 bpm at one point. I did throttle back pretty quickly. It was getting hot even at 9 AM but the temperature above is recorded as 69.5 F.

I had fun. And I represented keto…

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