My VO2max Results (2018-05-04)

I took my VO2max test today and achieved my predicted results. My prediction was:

I want to make a prediction about what my VO2 Max will be now before I take the test. After 9 months of mediocre performance in CrossFit I expect my number to be at the bottom end of good for my age range. I predict it will be about 36 ml/kg/min.

I got 34.6 which on the WVU scale (apparently there are different scales used at different facilities) which is at the bottom end of good for my age range. So my prediction of my performance was right where I expected it to be. And that’s perfectly fine.

Why Not Better?

I believe it’s lower being Low Carb and having Low Body Fat worked against me. If I was carb fueled and had higher body fat I would have more fuel for the engine. I had never exercised before CrossFit which I started 9 months ago. I’ve made huge strides since then in improving my physical fitness.

Heart Rate

My Samsung Gear Sport Watch showed my heart rate max at much lower numbers than the ECG. ECG had my max heart rate at 173. Watch had 130. Expected watch to show higher. Now I am confused. Is it a function of the treadmill mode on the watch vs “other workout” mode that I usually use?

A heart rate of 173 is pretty high. I am 57 so they normal max heart rate is 220 minus age or 153. I got 20 bpm higher than that value and they let you do this at higher than max heart rate but it is one of the termination conditions (it takes a few of them to be present for them to stop the test).

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