Heart Rate vs RER (from my VO2max test)

How close do the Heart Rate and RER match from my VO2max test? There is a pretty clear relationship. Here’s a graph of heart rate (x-axis) to RER x 100 (y-axis).

Point 1 is the actual point where my RER crosses over from pure fat burning and starts to burn a small amount of glucose. This correlates to a 118 bpm of heart rate.

Point 2 is the best linearĀ fit and is pretty close to point 1. The fit of the entire line is really good with an R^2 of 0.9775.

My MAF number is 122 which is a bit higher and into the carb burning range. At the MAF number my RER would be around 0.72. That might explain why my blood glucose dropped a bit with my last 1 hour walk in the MAF range (from 105 before the walk to 87 after). I was burning some glucose.

Fat/Carb Burning

Here is the chart of my Heart Rate vs RER and %Fat/%Carbs. Your mileage will vary.

HR RER %Fat %Carbs
120 0.70 99% 1%
125 0.74 88% 12%
130 0.77 77% 23%
135 0.80 66% 34%
140 0.84 55% 45%
145 0.87 44% 56%
150 0.90 33% 67%
155 0.94 21% 79%
160 0.97 10% 90%
165 1.00 0% 100%

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