Heart Rate Training (HRT) – Part 13

Part 1 of this series.

Last month I was not following the Maffetone method. I was getting up in the morning and running as fast as I could. I captured the data from one run around my neighborhood. This is the map of the 1.4 mile loop I ran around my neighborhood.

Elevation Data

That run has a pretty decent uphill (and downhill is even steeper) which makes the heart rate challenge even more difficult.

My Heart Rate Data

During my run, I also recorded my heart rate data. My average heart rate was 157 bpm and my max heart rate was 173 bpm. The average includes the warm-up section at the start. The average after warm-up was more – somewhere around 162 bpm. This is my max heart rate from the 220 minus age method. At 173 bpm I was over the 220 minus age method value. Probably not a great thing to do.

How does this correlate to my VO2max numbers? What was I burning when I was running? My chart from the last post was:

HR RER %Fat %Carbs
120 0.70 99% 1%
125 0.74 88% 12%
130 0.77 77% 23%
135 0.80 66% 34%
140 0.84 55% 45%
145 0.87 44% 56%
150 0.90 33% 67%
155 0.94 21% 79%
160 0.97 10% 90%
165 1.00 0% 100%

This shows nearly all of my run was fueled from carbs and almost none of the run was fueled from fat.

What’s Wrong with Burning Carbs?

This level of heart rate is not sustainable for very long when on a Low Carb diet. Running burns about 100 calories a mile. That is a significant portion of the body’s store glycogen store. Additionally, the body is glucose sparing when on Low Carb so it resists the additional glucose that is in circulation.

My Pace

My pace wasn’t all that great either. The app shows the average pace of 9:38.

Since I was at my heart rate max without training my heart rate to be lower my performance gains would have been hard fought.

Why Heart Rate Train?

Heart rate training offers the opportunity to improve performance within the fat burning zone. The promise is that speed will increase at the same heart rate as cardiac health improves.


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