Heart Rate Training (HRT) – Part 12

Part 1 of this series.

Second MAF Test

I did a five mile walk on a track tonight. It was an attempt to get a better MAF baseline. Here is the Strava (with my Samsung phone).

Here is my heart rate from my Samsung Gear Sport watch.

I did a good job of keeping my heart rate in the 112-122 range. I would have liked it to be a bit higher and still in the range but I am pleased with the results. Here’s my splits graphically (from the phone).

The splits show a good drop starting at the third mile. This is as expected. Also, I didn’t do a legitimate warmup, I just started into walking so it took about a half mile for my heart rate to get to the range. Next time I do one of these I will do a warmup and then start recording data when at the correct heart rate.

Here’s the happy walker after the 1-1/2 hours were completed.

If the MAF method works for me and I put in the training effort I should see those split times decline. Also, I should be able to start slow running soon.


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