Exogenous Ketones – Part 2 – Tried During CrossFit

Originally posted on 2015-04-15

I took a dose of the Exogenous Ketones that I bought the other day before my workout at CrossFit.

This stuff was expensive and turns out to be around $5 a serving.

Today’s Workout

Here was the Workout of the Day (WOD). It consisted of three sets of 8 minute long As Many Reps As Possible (AMRAP). Each had 10 barbell actions and 10 bodyweight movements.

Before each of the three rounds there was 15 wallballs and a 200 Meter run.

It seems hard to say what effect the ketones had. I do feel like I had pretty good mental clarity but I had to drop weight on the bar after the first AMRAP due to a pre-existing shoulder injury.

The only objective data I have is my heart rate which I did monitor.

From time = 0 to  time = 13 is the warmup time. My heart rate continually increased during the warmup.

The WO started around t = 20 minutes and lasted for 28 minutes (three sets of 8 minutes and two rests of 2 minutes). I forgot to turn off the watch but it looks like the WOD ended about t = 50 minutes.

My Max Heart Rate

At almost 58-years of age the calculations show I my max heart rate should be 220 minus 58 or 162. High intensity workouts should be under 85% of that rate which should be something like 138. For most of the WOD I was well above that rate.

The peak rates in the last portion probably correspond with lifting and the dips correspond to burpees.

An Effect?

It seems like my heart rate was higher for longer than usual and I didn’t feel as tired as I would have on other conditions. Digging back through some of my previous data I can’t find any other workout where I was above 140 for so long. So maybe there was an effect?

I did take the ketones in coffee. I assume that is OK? (The website says it’s OK).


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